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If you are interested in acquiring physical copies of the books sold in our online store, please contact We will be glad to assist you in our purchase and provide additional information on our books, international shipping and handling quotes and delivery time estimates.

We also sell our e-books in over 70 different countries through the iBook Store and Google Play Store. You can buy and download the books on multiple devices using the appropriate software or app.

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You can download a PDF of our catalogue in English or you can browse our foreign rights section here for additional information on our titles and rights availability.

About Oficina de Textos

Oficina de Textos is a highly qualified Brazilian Publishing House founded in 1996. The company upholds the mission to support the Brazilian scientific and technical communities by consolidating and publishing the national expertise in these areas.

Oficina de Textos publishes academic and professional books on Civil Engineering, Sustainable Architecture, Geology, Geography, Environmental Science and Technology, Remote Sensing, Mining, Agronomy and Forestry, and Energy. In each of these areas the company builds a consistent catalogue, with basic textbooks for students and advanced topics for professionals.