DNA, And Why Should I Care?

Francisco M. Salzano

Discover all the potential that DNA carries with it. And not only in terms of genetic inheritance! Due to ever more sophisticated techniques such as cloning and transgenics the correct manipulation of DNA has brought incalculable improvements to our daily lives, many of which we already take advantage of. Cheaper food is available because genetically modified animals and plants are capable of much higher production. More nutritious diets are due to such as genetically leaner pork; certain genes added to corn make the use of agrotoxins unnecessary. Even a cure for complicated diseases will be possible via trunk-cell transplants, embryonic or not.

In spite of all these wonderful possibilities, the scientific manipulation of DNA also deserves a more philosophic reflection and raises protests – as do all polemic subjects that involve the latest technology and moral questions. It is just these types of questions that pepper the media at the present time. But when we become aware of the background behind discoveries, the evolution of living beings and of the human species, of the way that the molecule of DNA works and the results of more modern research that is being developed, the subject becomes demystified. Are you ready to discover the latest innovations in Genetics?

This the second book in the Inventing the Future Series that gives a contemporary panorama of the advances and challenges to be confronted by the different areas of modern Science and Technology. The books in this series show how the fascinating world of science surpasses our own imagination.

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DNA: e eu com isso?
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Francisco M. Salzano

Francisco M. Salzano is an Emeritus Professor at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and a level 1A CNPq researcher. He has 1,158 contributions to the scientific literature: 392 articles, 15 books, 40 book chapters and 3 monographs.

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