Solar Module Packaging: Polymeric Requirements and Selection


AutorMichelle Poliskie
Sub-TítuloPolymeric Requirements and Selection
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  • Solar Module Packaging: Polymeric Requirements and Selection explores current and future opportunities in PV polymeric packaging, emphasizing how it can simultaneously reduce cost, increase weatherability, and improve a PV module’s power. The book offers an insider’s perspective on the manufacturing processes and needs of the solar industry and reveals opportunities for future material development and processing.

    A broad survey of the polymeric packaging of solar cells, the text covers various classifications of polymers, their material properties, and optimal processing conditions. Taking a practical approach to material selection, it emphasizes industrial requirements for material development, such as cost reduction, increased material durability, improved module performance, and ease of processing. Addressing cost and profitability, the author examines the economics behind polymeric packaging and how it influences the selection process used by solar companies.

    Suitable for nonspecialists in polymer science, the book provides a basic understanding of polymeric concepts, fundamental properties, and processing techniques commonly used in solar module packaging. It presents guidelines for using polymers in commercial PV modules as well as the tests required to establish confidence in the selection process.

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