19 Pedology Lessons

Igo F. Lepsch

An introductory textbook to Soil Science, it covers rocks and minerals; weathering processes; Biology, Physics and Chemistry concepts involved in the study of soils; and System of Soil Classification. This book is a precious reference for Agronomy, Ecology, Zootechnics, Geography and Biology undergraduate courses, among others.

Original title
19 lições de pedologia
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About the authors

Igo F. Lepsch

Igo F. Lepsch is a reputed soil expert, PhD by North Carolina State University. He has published countless papers and has over forty five years of professional practice as researcher in the Agronomic Institute of Campinas, as well as visiting professor and consultant. His fields of expertise are Pedogenesis, Soil survey and its interpretation for environmental protection, Land use planning, Soil-Geomorphology relations, Photo interpretation, and Soil Conservation.

His international experience includes:
- Postdoctoral position in Pedology - CSIRO/Div. Soils Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
- Researcher at the Soil Science Dep. - NCSU, Raleigh, NC, USA.
- Consultant in Pedology at the CAPEL Project - Zambezia, Mozambique.
- Soil survey and land evaluation at Kilosa and Kibaha dairy farms- Tanzania.
- Lecturer on “Ecozones in Brazil and Methods used for Land Evaluation” - UIMP, Valencia, Spain.

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