Dictionary of Mineralogy and Gemology

Pércio de Moraes Branco

There are 8.650 entries, including all of the mineral specimens recognized by the International Mineralogical Association, and groups, varieties, commercial and popular names. It has color photos of gems and minerals.

Original title
Dicionário de Mineralogia e Gemologia
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About the authors

Pércio de Moraes Branco

Pércio de Moraes Branco is a geologist and specialist in Mineral Economics. He is currently a professor and consultant in Gemology and author of five other books and dozens of articles. He organized and directed for 12 years the Museum of Geology in Porto Alegre and headed the gemological mapping project of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. He worked as a collaborator of Antônio Houaiss, having written thousands of entries for the Houaiss Dictionary in the area of Geosciences.

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