Ecogeography of Brazil: subsidies for environmental planning

Jurandyr Ross

The book highlights some of the natural processes that suffered the impact of human activities and demonstrates how it can be minimized through planning and sustainable occupation. With an unpublished map of Brazilian relief with delimited and classified geomorphologic unities.

Original title
Ecogeografia do Brasil
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Jurandyr Ross

Jurandyr Ross is a geographer and holds a Master’s, a PhD and a “livre-docência” degree from University of São Paulo, where he is a professor of Geography. As a consultant, he participated in environmental studies for the construction of hydroelectric dams in Xingu, Madeira, Iguaçu and Uruguay river basins and other projects. He published important contributions on geomorphological cartography, environmental analysis and planning, and relief taxonomy; among which stands out Nova proposta de classificação do relevo brasileiro.

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