Ecological Modeling in Aquatic Ecosystems

Carlos Ruberto Fragoso Jr. , Tiago Finkler Ferreira , David da Motta Marques

The proper management and conservation of water resources can have a positive effect on the economy, society, and the use of aquatic systems. The modeling of aquatic ecosystems is a necessary tool for scientists to investigate and understand the most vulnerable and complex bodies of water including rivers, lakes, estuaries, reservoirs, and canals.

Understanding the physical, chemical and biological agents in those environments and their interaction amongst themselves is essential to draw simulations and comparisons between different scenarios in order to make rational decisions.

In Ecological Modeling in Aquatic Ecosystems the authors take the reader step by step through the mathematical process of ecological modeling in such ecosystems by integrating ecology, hydrology, and hydrodynamics interchangeably. For undergraduates and graduate courses in Engineering, Biology, Ecology, and Limnology, as well as for consultants, managers, and professionals involved in water resources management.

Original title
Modelagem ecológica em ecossistemas aquáticos
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About the authors

Carlos Ruberto Fragoso Jr.

Carlos Ruberto Fragoso Jr. is a professor and researcher at the Institute of Hydraulic Research (IPH) and at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

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Tiago Finkler Ferreira

Tiago Finkler Ferreira is a researcher at IPH and at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

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David da Motta Marques

David da Motta Marques is a professor and researcher at IPH.

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