Engineering Geology

Nivaldo José Chiossi

Every type of construction, such as roads, dams or tunnels, brings different challenges that demand specific geological knowledge, in order to find safe and economic solutions.

The book Engineering Geology contains the main geological principles, such as soil and rock formation, geotechnical cartography and subsoil environmental conditions investigation, besides in-depth discussion on contemporary subjects, such as Engineering Geology applied to dams, subway tunnels, water channels, underground pipes and mining, among others.

In this new edition, Nivaldo Chiossi updated many topics and has added chapters which he considers very important for Civil Engineering students: linear projects (highways, railways, water channels and power lines) remote sensing, oil and gas and the environment.

Using an accessible and didactic language, enriched and illustrated with innumerous case studies, it is an indispensable reference for all Civil Engineering students.

Original title
Geologia de engenharia
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About the authors

Nivaldo José Chiossi

Nivaldo José Chiossi has obtained ample experience working as a geologist in the São Paulo Subway System (studies and construction of the North-South line and studies of the East-West line). He was president of the Brazilian Association of Engineering and Environmental Geology (ABGE) and vice-president of the International Association of Engineering Geology (IAEG).