Evaluation of Mining Projects and Mineral Resources

Edmundo Tulcanaza

Mineral resources have unique characteristics that differentiate them intrinsically from other natural resources. Among them, its occasional and fragmented spatial distribution stands out, the uncertainty that falls on its characteristics of quality and quantity, its depletion and gradual extinction, and the cyclical fluctuation that affects the price of metals, besides the increasingly demanding environmental restrictions. With the current and future demand for metals, the potential of the projects belonging to this industry is in every way the engine that drives a series of local, national and international activities. Thus, the evaluation of resources and mineral projects currently represents a special area of studies and analysis.


The book Evaluation of Mining Projects and Mineral Resources consistently synthesizes a set of statistical, geostatistical and economic techniques and procedures that allow limiting the uncertainties of resources and evaluating the errors and fluctuations of its main parameters, besides supporting projections and results of the mining projects.


With an introduction and eleven chapters, the text offers students, geologists, engineers, economists and mining industry entrepreneurs the necessary foundation for a more thorough analysis of studies and projects associated with mineral resources and mining projects.

Original title
Avaliação de empreendimentos e recursos minerais
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About the authors

Edmundo Tulcanaza

Edmundo Tulcanaza is a civil mining engineer. A graduate from the University of Chile, he has completed specialization studies in France (Geostatistical Center of Fontainebleau), at the Société d'économie et de mathématiques appliquées (SEMA, Paris) and at the Department of Geological Sciences of Harvard (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA).