Geo-information in Urbanism: real city x virtual city

Cláudia Maria de Almeida , Gilberto Câmara , Antonio Miguel Vieira Monteiro

The book deals with the numberless possibilities offered by Geo-information to approach recent urban and regional problems. It comprehends from theories and concepts for computational representation of urban space to examples of soil use simulations in urban and regional scale.

Original title
Geoinformação em urbanismo
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About the authors

Cláudia Maria de Almeida

Cláudia Maria de Almeida is a researcher at the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) in São José dos Campos/SP, where she teaches Remote Sensing. She also works as a Guest Professor of Geography at São Paulo State University in Rio Claro/SP.

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Gilberto Câmara

Gilberto Câmara is currently director of INPE, where he has worked as a researcher for 27 years and teaches Remote Sensing and Applied Computing. He is one of the leaders in the development of Geoinformation technology in Brazil.

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Antonio Miguel Vieira Monteiro

Antonio Miguel Vieira Monteiro has been a senior technologist at INPE for 22 years and teaches Remote Sensing and Applied Computing. He coordinates the Healthy Network – that evaluates the use of spatial information technologies to support the control of endemic diseases. He is also the current coordinator of the Space and Society Program of INPE.

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