Geotourism, geodiversity and geoconservation

Antonio José Teixeira Guerra , Maria do Carmo Oliveira Jorge

Geodiversity has been receiving a growing value and consequentially, conservation efforts. Geoturism presents an economically viable alternative and sustainable development option to these privileged places. Unlike predatory tourism, still common in national territory, geotourism attempts to enjoy and preserve natural resources, with the aid of local populations, in attracting people interested in a region’s natural beauty, history, culture and gastronomy.

Geotourism, geodiversity and geoconservation: geographic and geologic approaches covers the main characteristics of this type of tourism, highlighting the importance of geological patrimony, geodiversity cartography, the role of soil, fossils and advancing the implementation of concepts related to geoparks, track visiting and the role of local communities. Richly illustrated, it serves students, researchers and professionals of areas such as Geography, Geology, Tourism, Biology, Ecology and Hospitality, among others.

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Geoturismo, geodiversidade e geoconservação
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About the authors

Antonio José Teixeira Guerra

Antonio José Teixeira Guerra, who holds a PhD in Geography, is a CNPq 1A researcher and tenured teacher of the Department of Geography in UFRJ. He’s author of over 100 scientific articles in national and international publications and author/organizer of over 20 books in the environment field. Co-author of the book The Erosion Process and Degraded Area Recovery, published by Oficina de Textos.

Maria do Carmo Oliveira Jorge

Maria do Carmo Oliveira Jorge holds a bachelor’s degree in Geography from UFPR and a Master’s in Organization of Space from Unesp/Rio Claro. She’s researcher-associate in the Department of Geography at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Kátia Leite Mansur

is a Geologist, a Doctor in Geology by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). She’s assistant professor in the Geology Department of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and a researcher in the field of Geoconservation.