Glossary of Geotectonics

Benjamin Bley de Brito Neves

In this reference work are presented rigorous definitions of the main geotectonical terms, and its correspondent in English. It also includes a glossary of the terms in English and its translation to Portuguese. A work of great utility for consultation and to clarify doubts in the area of Geotectonics, besides assisting in writing and translating articles and research papers in English.

Original title
Glossário de geotectônica
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Benjamin Bley de Brito Neves

Benjamin Bley de Brito Neves graduated in Geology in 1962 from Federal University of Pernambuco with a specialization from University of Minnesota (USA). He obtained his PhD in Geology from University of São Paulo, where he became a Full Professor in 1986. He represented Brazil in the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP), with special emphasis on his participation in the Pre-Cambrian Stratigraphy Subcommittee.

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