Illustrated guide for identification of Atlantic Forest plants

Thiago Bevilacqua Flores , Gabriel Dalla Colletta , Vinicius Castro Souza , Natalia Macedo Ivanauskas , Jorge Yoshio Tamashiro , Ricardo Ribeiro Rodrigues

This book is a guide for identification of plant species that exist in the Atlantic Forest (especially focused on the Dense Ombrophilous Forest). It presents field images and tips for the recognition of 162 native plant species from 50 different botanical families collected in the Vale do Ribeira region (São Paulo).


The characteristics and attributes described in the guide can be visible to the naked eye or with the aid of a magnifying glass, facilitating the work of biologists, environmental engineers, ecologists and other professionals in research expeditions, and also assisting agents from diverse areas related to nature and to environmental preservation, such as ecotourism and landscaping.


The species cataloged range from the large ones, such as jequetibá, jatobá and ipê-roxo, to more delicate plants such as orchids and bromeliads.

Original title
Guia ilustrado para identificação das plantas da Mata Atlântica
Year of publication