Informatics applied to structures of reinforced concrete

Alio Kimura

Informatics applied to structures of reinforced concrete not only teaches how to utilize computer programs to analyze structural behavior, as it also presents the calculations and concepts behind these processes. Through didactic examples, it explains the most important questions to be considered in structural modeling, such as actions and combinations, results’ verification, nonlinear analyses, global stability and second order effects.

This second edition includes a new section on the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling), with practical examples of the application in the project of concrete structures. The presentation of step-by-step examples has also been updated and reformulated as to facilitate consultation.

Original title
Informática aplicada a estruturas de concreto armado
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About the authors

Alio Kimura

Alio Kimura graduated in Civil Engineering from Paulista State University (Unesp-Bauru). He’s [managing partner] in TQS Informática, where he works in the development of computational systems for the calculation of concrete structures, and secretary of the revision of ABNT NBR 6.118:2014 and ABNT 1NBR 15.200:2012 standards.