Management of Hydroelectric Reservoirs

Fernando Campagnoli , Noris Costa Diniz

The work deals with the monitoring of hydroelectric reservoirs in order to preserve its hydraulic potential, limit the anthropic and natural impacts, regulate its use and occupation and determine environmental programs. Among other topics, it discusses the environmental benefits of reservoirs, the forest recovery of banks, the monitoring and the main challenges in its management

Original title
Gestão de reservatórios de hidrelétricas
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About the authors

Fernando Campagnoli

Fernando Campagnoli holds a degree in Geology from University of São Paulo (USP), a Master’s degree in Geosciences (Geochemistry and Geotectonics) and a PhD in Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources from USP and a postdoctoral degree from International Institute of Ecology.

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Noris Costa Diniz

Noris Costa Diniz holds a degree in Geology from University of São Paulo, a Master’s degree in Geotechnics from São Carlos School of Engineering at University of São Paulo (EESC) and a PhD in Civil Engineering in the area of Space Information Manager for Environmental Assessment of Civil Enterprise from Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo.

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