Maps, graphics and networks: do it yourself

Marcello Martinelli

The proposal of a book on maps, graphics and networks was born from the need to work with them together with the students of Geography.


Thus, this book is basically aimed at graduate students interested in this subject. It may also be suitable for senior students of high school or technical courses. Still, it may be of interest to postgraduates, researchers and professionals in the various scientific fields as they gain a better understanding of maps, graphics and networks.


To recognize them as means of recording, researching and visual communication of the results obtained in their studies, in order to reveal information and not just as mere illustrations. The approach begins by directing the interested one to a foray into a very specific domain – that of graphic representation. This reflection is complemented with basic considerations about what it means to create maps, graphics and networks, and then give clarification on the collection, data presentation, its processing for the effective representation of these, ending with a brief explanation about its use, contemplating reading, analysis and interpretation.


The content of the work is organized into three main fundamental parts: one about the maps, another about the graphics and a third about the networks. In each part, after giving a brief history, it delves into the subject, subdividing it into pertinent items. When it comes to maps, a methodological structure that articulates the representation in maps will be taken into account, more specifically those of the thematic Cartography, in order to allow the indication of the appropriate methods to be adopted in its elaboration. Its use will also be addressed.

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Mapas, gráficos e redes: elabore você mesmo
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About the authors

Marcello Martinelli

Marcello Martinelli is a retired Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences at the University of São Paulo. He is a master and PhD in Human Geography and a “livre-docente” professor of Thematic Cartography. He taught Thematic Mapping, in addition to other related disciplines in graduation courses. Currently, along with the postgraduate program in Human Geography, he guides postgraduates and teaches the discipline Graphic Representations of Geography: theory and practice. He is also graduated in Painting from University Centre of Fine Arts of São Paulo and author of geographical atlases and books on thematic cartography. Currently, he develops theoretical and methodological research, with special attention to thematic, school, environmental, tourism cartography and geographic school atlases.




Basic guidance

Elaborating maps, graphics and networks

Maps, graphics and networks: what for and who do they serve?

Where does creation of maps, graphics and network begin?

The use of maps, graphics and networks: preliminary notions


The maps


Elaboration and use


The graphics


Elaboration and use


The networks


Elaboration and use


Final considerations

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