New States and the Brazilian Territorial Division

José Donizete Cazzolato

The referendum for state division is a controversial proposal with profound implications not only for Pará state, but also for the whole country and requires extensive debate over its consequences. From the analysis of the proposal to establish the new states of Tapajós and Carajás the book discusses the present Brazilian territorial division and its possible changes, the adopted criteria and the economic, social and politic impacts.

Original title
Novos Estados e a Divisão Territorial do Brasil
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About the authors

José Donizete Cazzolato

José Donizete Cazzolato is a geographer graduated from University of São Paulo. He has vast experience in cartography and geoprocessing, having experienced the migration of processes to the digital environment. He developed a particular interest in territorial structures (political-administrative division) and in toponymy.

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