Open Pit Mines: mine planning

Adilson Curi

Correct mine planning is determining to ensure project safety, maximize its economic potential and limit its environmental impact, fundamental aspects for mining companies, government planning agents and management of natural resources and even banks involved in the financing of mining projects.


Open Pit Mines covers the entire mine planning process, from the basic concepts of mining and project, pit analysis and mine geometry until the determination of the limits of the mine and its sequencing, taking into account geotechnical, technological, economic, operational and environmental aspects.


With illustrated examples of Brazilian mines, in addition to solved exercises and exercises proposed to aid in the understanding and study of the concepts presented, the work is an important reference for mining, environmental, geological and geotechnical engineering students and technical and specialization courses in Mining and Geology.

Original title
Minas a céu aberto: planejamento de lavra
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About the authors

Adilson Curi

Adilson Curi holds a PhD in Mining Engineering from the Technical University of Lisbon and a Master’s degree in Metallurgical and Mining Engineering from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG).