Pathologies in masonry

Cristiana Furlan Caporrino

Masonry has been used since prehistory and remains the most widespread construction system, including in Brazil. A brief observation of the existent edifications reveals to us the high incidence of anomalies in masonry and cladding. This book comes to clarify e to solve these issues.

After addressing project aspects and important constructive details in fence and structural masonry, the book describes in a clear and didactic manner the pathologies and their most common causes, well-illustrated by schemes and photos of real cases, not disregarding the mortar coatings. The third part of the book focuses on the identification of poor developments, their causes and possible reparations. A great contribution for the improvement of constructive practices and the maintenance of buildings.

Original title
Patologias em alvenarias
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About the authors

Cristiana Furlan Caporrino

Cristiana Furlan Caporrino is a civil engineer by the Mauá Institute of Technology, a Master in Structural Engineering by the University of Sao Paulo (USP) and is currently in the process of becoming a Doctor in the same area and by the same institution.
A post-graduate professor in the Mauá Institute of Technology, of the disciplines Project Management in Engineering and Logistic of Construction Sites, and, in the Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP), of the graduation disciplines Reinforced Concrete II, Prestressed Concrete and Structural Masonry and the post-grad discipline Pathologies in Masonry and Mortar Coating. In Furnote’s post-grad course she teaches the disciplines Metallic Structures I and II and Analyses of Concrete Structures through Software.
She manages an academic blog in which new technologies are divulged, besides debating theoretical themes in multiple areas of Engineering. She ministers lectures and courses and possesses a wide experience in structural projects, having participated in projects for dams, industries, oil refineries, hospitals and corporate ventures, besides projects in mining, civil aviation, commerce and infrastructure.