Quality management of water from dams

Milan Straškrabra , José Galizia Tundisi

It presents integrated solutions for the management of built reservoirs, the water quality and the river basins in which the dams are inserted. The book shows how research subsidizes decision-making to find optimized alternatives and solutions, besides detailing the key mechanism of ecosystems functioning.

Original title
Gerenciamento da qualidade da água de represas
Year of publication

About the authors

Milan Straškrabra

Milan Straškrabra has a PhD in Hydrobiology from the University of Prague. He was director of the Biomathematics Laboratory at the University of South Bohemia, vice president of the Czech Academy of Sciences and president of the Czech Limnological Society.

José Galizia Tundisi

José Galizia Tundisi is president of the International Institute of Ecology of São Carlos – SP, PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of São Paulo (USP) and the University of Southampton (England). He has worked on management and recovery projects of river basins, dams and lakes in 38 countries in the Americas, Africa and the Far East. He is the author of Water Resources of the 21st Century, published by Oficina de Textos.