Seeds and Seedlings: a guide for the propagation of Brazilian trees

Privado: Carlos Nogueira Souza Junior , Pedro Brancalion

Seeds and Seedlings is an essential guide for the production of seeds and seedlings of more than 200 native forest species, presented in rich detail, ranging from their morphological characteristics, with colored photos of leaves, seeds and fruits, to technical information for the production, as data for seed collection, betterment, sowing and seedling production.


The work also presents the basic processes of seed production and seedlings, being a basic handbook for all professionals involved in the cultivation or use of native species for the recovery of degraded areas, landscaping, urban forestry or production of wood and fruits.

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Sementes e mudas: guia para propagação de árvores brasileiras
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Carlos Nogueira Souza Júnior

Carlos Nogueira Souza Júnior holds a degree in Biological Sciences from University Center of Araraquara, has a specialization in Forest Seed Production Technology from Institute of Botany of São Paulo and owns Viveiro Camará, with more than 20 years of experience in the production of seeds and seedlings for the recovery of degraded areas.

Pedro Brancalion

Pedro Brancalion is a professor of Forestry of Native Species in the Forestry Department of Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture (ESALQ/USP), where he coordinates the Tropical Forestry Laboratory. He is graduated in Agronomic Engineering and holds a PhD in Sciences from ESALQ/USP.

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