Statistical Analysis of Multivariate Geological Data

Paulo M. Barbosa Landim

The analysis of a growing volume of quantitative data has become a challenge in Geosciences, from geotechnical studies of soils and rocks to mining and oil exploration. This book presents the main statistical methods used in data analysis with more than one variable, such as the discriminating, cluster and main component analysis, providing a sound introduction to Quantitative Geology.

Original title
Análise estatística de dados geológicos multivariados
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About the authors

Paulo M. Barbosa Landim

Paulo M. Barbosa Landim is an emeritus professor at São Paulo State University (Unesp) due to his solid production focused on Stratigraphy and quantification in Geology. At Unesp, he was director of the Institute of Geosciences and Exact Sciences (IGCE), vice-rector and rector from 1989 to 1993. He is a “livre-docente” and Full Professor at Unesp.

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