Stress and Strain in Geology

Alberto Pio Fiori , Romualdo Wandresen

The analysis of deformation and stress, as well as rock mechanics and material resistance knowledge are essential in the quantitative studies applied to Structural Geology.

Stress and strain in Geology presents these subjects in a mathematical approach, containing deductions and step-by-step explanations about related equations, allowing its comprehension and manipulation in many applications.

By knowing the equations deductions, the professional will be able to know the context in which they can be applied, preventing crass mistakes applied blindly.

Systematically illustrated to improve the understanding of mathematical expressions, geometrical elements and stress and deformation models, the book offers a simple, practical and updated view of the concepts approached. It is a valuable reference for Geology, Engineering and Geography undergraduate and graduate students.

Original title
Tensões e deformações em geologia
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About the authors

Alberto Pio Fiori

Alberto Pio Fiori is an Associate Professor in the field of Geology of the Geosciences Institute, at USP. He concluded his postdoctoral research at the University of Siena, Italy, and was a researcher at CNPQ for about 20 years. He is the author of the titles Introduction to the deformation analysis and Rock and soil mechanics basics: application to the slope stability, with Luigi Carmignani as a coauthor.

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Romualdo Wandresen

Romualdo Wandresen was born in Rio Fortuna, state of Santa Catarina, in 1949. Graduated in Mathematics from UFPR, he holds a Master’s degree and a PhD in Geodesic Sciences, both from UFPR. He was a professor in the field of Mathematics at UTFPR (from 1976 to 1996) and PUCRS (from 1977 to 2007). He is a professor at the Geomatics Department of UFPR since 1980, teaching Topography in the Forest and Civil Engineering and Geology courses.

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