A Sun to Fill the Energy Gap

Cylon Gonçalves da Silva

The level of energy consumption is escalating at alarming rates in today’s civilization. Over 80% of the energy produced on earth is of fossil origins – which aside from environmental issues will eventually end. How to fill the gap between the energy we need to keep surviving and growing, and the energy we have available?

The author approaches this matter in a very clever and attractive way by comparing the different energy sources that can fill the energy gap. The power of sun radiation is over ten thousand times the energy we are currently consuming. Sources of primary energy for renewable energy sources are wind, hydraulic, thermal solar, photovoltaic, and bio fuels.

The book is a comprehensive and up-to-date overview on energy and its related issues.

Original title
De Sol a Sol: a energia no século XXI
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About the authors

Cylon Gonçalves da Silva

Prof. Cylon G. Silva is a physic, PhD by UC Berkeley, Emeritus Professor at Unicamp; Founder and Director of the Síncroton Light National Laboratory; National Secretary of R&D for the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology. Among many skills he is an expert and a bright lecturer on energy, from nuclear to biomass.

Author's CV (in portuguese).

1. What is energy?
1st intermission – Radiation and matter

2. The Biosphere
2nd intermission – Photosynthesis

3. The Technosphere
3rd intermission – Climbing the Terawatt mountain

4. Electricity
4th intermission – Great challenges

5. Fuels

6. Chat with the author