The Design Process in Architecture: from theory to technology

Doris C. C. K. Kowaltowski , Daniel de Carvalho Moreira , João R. D. Petreche , Márcio M. Fabrício

The book discusses the main issues that influence the design process in Architecture with texts by various Brazilian and international researchers. The management of the design process, the bioclimatic approach, scale models, thermal comfort and accessibility are discussed thoroughly in the book. It also addresses the design process in specific contexts, such as schools and healthcare facilities, and presents the latest technological advances and their influences in the design process.

Original title
O processo de projeto em arquitetura
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About the authors

Doris C. C. K. Kowaltowski

Doris C. C. K. Kowaltowski is an architect graduated from University of Melbourne (Australia) and holds a Master’s and a PhD in Architecture from University of California, Berkeley (USA). She is currently a Full Professor of the University of Campinas (Unicamp).

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Daniel de Carvalho Moreira

Daniel de Carvalho Moreira holds a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas (1994), a Masters in Multimedia from University of Campinas (2000) and a PhD in Civil Engineering from University of Campinas (2007).

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João R. D. Petreche

João R. D. Petreche holds a degree in Naval and Oceanic Engineering (1988) from University of São Paulo, a Masters (1990) and a PhD (1996) from University of São Paulo. His activities with USP included participation in projects with companies such as Petrobrás and the Brazilian Navy.

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Márcio M. Fabrício

Márcio M. Fabrício is a professor of Architecture, Urbanism and Technology. He graduated from University of São Paulo at São Carlos School of Engineering (1993), obtained a Masters in Architecture and Urbanism from University of São Paulo (1996), a PhD in Engineering from Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (2002).

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