The Geology of the Quaternary Period and Climate Changes

Kenitiro Suguio

In this book, the author presents an updated analysis of the processes involved in the natural climate changes during the Quaternary Period – which is a geological period of especial interest, for it´s in it that humans emerge and imprint  their influence on the environment.

The Quaternary Period is marked by major glaciations and interglacial stages and this current stage, which is reaching its end, pushes forth debate on global warming (cooling?).

A very useful reference work to all professionals, students and researchers involved with environmental issues as much as a fascinating and indispensable book to anyone interested in geology, geomorphology, biology, ecology, paleontology, evolution and urban planning, among many other subjects.

Original title
Geologia do quaternário e mudanças ambientais
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Kenitiro Suguio

Kenitiro Suguio has written more than 400 articles, papers, and presentations while working as a professor and researcher in the Institute of Geosciences at the University of Sao Paulo up until 1996, when he retired. He has received several prizes and awards, including the National Order of Scientific Merit of the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology.

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