Dewatering, Thickening and Filtering

Arthur Pinto Chaves

Dewatering, thickening and filtering processes are fundamental in ore treatment and applied in different stages to reduce the humidity of a mineral product.

Dewatering, thickening and filtering, second volume of collection Theory and practice of ore treatment, didactically approaches topics such as mechanical water outlet, thickening, filtering, auxiliary reagents and theoretical aspects of filtering and water outlet.

For this new edition, filled with illustration and solved exercises, a revision and a general update of the content was made.

By Arthur Pinto Chaves and collaborators, Dewatering, thickening and filtering is a valuable reference for scholars, students and professionals in the field of Mining and Metallurgy.


Original title
Desaguamento, espessamento e filtragem
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About the authors

Arthur Pinto Chaves

Arthur Pinto Chaves is graduated in Metallurgic Engineering, has a Masters in Mineral Technology and a PhD all by Universidade de São Paulo, and a post-doctorate from Southern Illinois University. Teaches in the Department of Mine and Petroleum Engineering in Universidade de São Paulo and has worked since 1990 in the main mining and engineering in Brazil. Has practical experience in the field of Mining Engineering, with emphasis in ore treatment, mineral technology, ore beneficiation and flotation.

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1. Mechanical dewatering

1.1 General methods

Solved exercises



2. Thickening

2.1 Equipment description

2.2 Similar equipments

2.3 Thickening mechanisms

2.4 Theoretical treatment

2.5 Thickeners dimensioning

2.6 Project considerations

2.7 Operational practice

2.8 New thickeners

Solved exercises



3. Filtering

3.1 Definitions

3.2 Systems descriptions

3.3 Equipments description

3.4 Filtering mechanisms

3.5 “Moinho de bolas”

3.6 Filter dimensioning

3.7 Filtering installation project

Solved exercises



4. Auxiliary reagents

4.1 Flocculating and coagulant agents

4.2 Chemicals utilized as flocculating agents

4.3 Filtering auxiliary

4.4 Preparation, dosage and adding of reagents



5. Theoretical aspects of filtering and dewatering

5.1 Fluid dynamics aspects

5.2 Surface phenomena

5.3 Chemicals action